Book a Weekly Sailing Trip Form Corfu to Kastos

Book a Weekly Sailing Tour From Corfu to Kastos

Just a few kilometers from Lefkada is a place that looks like something out of a postcard advertising the Greek summer.

Zakynthos is famous for the frenetic fun of Laganas, Kefalonia has attracted all the “wine eyes” in recent years with its excellent wines, Corfu remains the most stately Greek island, while Lefkada remains a top destination if you are looking for beaches of rare beauty. The Ionian Sea has many different faces to discover. Thus, there are Paxos, Ithaca and Meganissi. However, they are all more or less well known.

Kastos, on the other hand, is a tiny jewel that almost no one (except the locals and some experienced boat travelers) knows. In fact, it competes with islands like Pserimos, Antikythera and Arki for a peculiar title. The title of the smallest inhabited island in Greece. Kastos is undoubtedly the smallest inhabited island in the Ionian Sea and Ionian Islands. According to the last census of 2011 it only counts 78 inhabitants.

But where exactly is Kastos located?

If you take a look at the map, you will notice that it is located about six miles from Mytikas, Aitolaakarnania, southeast of Lefkada and only one mile from another, not so well-known island called Kalamos.

So somewhere there, in an imaginary triangle between Ithaca, Lefkada and the coast of Central Greece, lies a tiny diamond that you can reach either by boat from Mytikas or by ferry from Lefkada. But beware: you will not be able to take your favorite car. The island prefers hiking and (fortunately) shows no inclination to change.

The scenery you encounter could be a postcard from a Greece vacation photo album: small brick houses, fishermen laying out their nets, moored sailboats in a quiet harbor, and a prominent windmill dominating in the distance.

But what else can you do on Kastos besides the picturesque scenery?

First, keep in mind that there are few rooms for rent and the amenities on offer are rather basic. The small island is still relatively untouched by tourists and this is what makes it so charming. But you don’t have to worry about your accomodation since you and your friends or family will enjoy the hospitality of Minas Yachting sailing boats.

A grocery store, a few café-bars and a characteristic church of archaeological interest are the bare essentials for a summer vacation. By the way, the café-bars are open only in the summer months.

If you are now wondering where and how to swim? Our yachts and catamarans – or your feet – will take you to beaches like Ampelakia, Agios Aimilianos, Limni, Kamini, Vrisidi, while afternoon walks in the lush green olive groves of the island are worth trying every day.

Kastos offers everything you could wish for a quiet vacation away from the tourist crowds. A miniature of the Ionian Sea that seems to have been forgotten by time.

What sailing boat can I book for a weekly tour from Corfu to Kastos?

The fleet of Minas Yachting is based at Gouvia Marina in Kerkyra. The following yachts and catamarans are available for a weekly sailing tour from Corfu to Kastos Island:

Contact us at +30 2661044244, +30 2661035295 or via e-mail at and rent your sailing yacht or catamaran for a unique summer across the Ionian Islands!