Charter a Weekly Sailing Trip From Corfu to Kefalonia

Charter a Weekly Sailing Tour From Corfu to Kefalonia


Kefalonia (Kefallinia) is the largest and most mountainous island of the Ionian Islands and the third most populous island after Corfu and Zakynthos. It is located opposite the entrance to the Patraikos Gulf, north of Zakynthos, south of Lefkada and west of Ithaca.

The coast of Kefalonia forms many bays and capes. The most important bays are Sami, Myrtos, Lourdas, Atteras, Fiskardo, Livadi, Argostoli, also known as Koutavos. The coasts are generally rocky and steep towards the Ionian Sea, while they have milder formations towards the eastern side.

The island’s caves, such as the barratic Melissani, Agalaki, Agioi Theodoroi, Zervati, Drogarati Cave, Sakkos Cave, and others, are particularly interesting as well.

But let’s take a closer look at some of Kefalonia’s major attractions



Known all over the world, the beautiful Fiskardo in Eriso, Kefalonia, is located at the northern end of the island, at the narrowest part of the channel that separates Kefalonia from Ithaca. Countless boats fill its harbour and colourful houses surround it: Fiskardo has been classified as a listed settlement, as it is one of the few in Kefalonia that were not flattened by the devastating earthquakes of 1953.

The houses are two-storey, with red roofs and narrow balconies, painted in various bright colours, creating together with the green nature and the blue sea a unique painting! Small tasteful shops, restaurants and cafes for every taste, narrow streets and courtyards full of flowers make up the identity of Fiskardo, with its 189 permanent residents.

Fiscardo was named after the Norman crusader Robertus Giscardo, who conquered it in 1085 and has never been able to leave it since! The Venetians, during their domination of the island, built beautiful buildings here, which are still preserved today. Most of the houses in Fiskardo were built during the 18th century and still retain the architectural character of the period. It is the birthplace of the poet Nikos Kavvadias. His childhood house, where he spent his vacations, has been maintained to this day.


Weekly Sailing tour From Corfu to Kefalonia

Assos Village

The small village of Assos is densely packed with unpainted buildings and houses, giving it a special character and charm. Assos has stunning views of the small bay and the Venetian castle, on the hilltop opposite.

Those looking for something special other than the countless beaches of Kefalonia should seriously consider making a trip here. At Assos, visitors will enjoy unique scenes or a walk under the historic roof and rhythms of the village.


Open Cave of Melissani

Boaters in Melissani take guests on a trip on the lake of an open cave whose ceiling has collapsed as a result of an earlier earthquake. The lake is accessed through a long dark tunnel. The light falling from above and the green-blue crystal clear waters create a dreamy atmosphere and experience.Visitors are led through the tunnel to the boats. The boat ride is also the only way to see the cave of Melissani.

Melissani is also called the Cave of Nymphs from similar artifacts found during the archaeological studies and excavations in 1951. It is even considered that these are remnants of Minoan culture and civilization. Clay vases describe the god Pan and Nymphs, hence the name.

The best time to see the amazing play of light in the lake’s waters is at midday when the sun is directly overhead. The light flooding the cave creates coloured reflections and gives the waters their special colour. The flow of the water was until previously a mystery. It was solved in 1959 when the flow was revealed using dyes.


Drogaratis Cave

After 120 vertical steps, you will find yourself in the cool environment of the Drogaratis Cave. Reflections from the stalactites and stalagmites fill the space. The cave was discovered 300 years ago, when a powerful earthquake opened an entrance. It is about 60 meters deep and was first opened to the public in 1963.

It appears to be part of an extensive network of caves. But the other caves are difficult to access. Most of the cave is called the “Apotheosis Cave” in reference to its very good acoustic properties. This is also the reason why it has been used for concerts and other artistic presentations.


Clear crystal clear waters, deep blue and green-blue color of the sea and nature… This is what you will find in every beach of Kefalonia, wherever you choose to swim and swim! The most central beaches are organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, but you will also find countless beaches of the same unparalleled beauty, without any obvious human intervention. Such as Koutsoupia in Eastern Kefalonia – on the route to Antisamos-Poro.

Furthermore, one of the most famous beaches in the world, Myrtos, is located in the western part of Kefalonia. It belongs to Pylaros, it is very close to Assos, and it has won many awards – and not without reason, as you will see the view from above.


What sailing boat can I charter for a weekly tour from Corfu to Kefalonia?

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