Hire a Weekly Sailing Trip From Corfu to Gaios

Hire a Weekly Sailing Tour From Corfu to Gaios


The main tradition claims that Gaios is named after the Apostle Paul (Gaios), who actually taught Christianity on the island. This unique amazing and also traditional village stands out as the capital city of the island and also the most important port of Paxos. It is one of the most memorable places in Greece with two tiny islands, Panagia & Agios Nikolaos surrounding the bay.

From the islets along the dock, you can see the shapes of olive trees and multiple cypress trees. You can access the two tiny islands via sailboat or even swim to them. Above the islet of Panagia there is a simple monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. On the islet of Agios Nikolaos there is the fortress of the same name, built in 1423, which seems to protect the island even today. Above the islands you can easily find beautiful sandy beaches that you simply don’t want to miss a lovely swim in.

What to do at Gaios?

Wandering throughout the pedestrian streets of Gaios, you will probably be delighted due to the fairytale alleys, due to the not so large apartments combined with the architectural mastery of the Ionian Sea, which generally the vast majority of them all have a good little backyard rich in flowers & plants; in Gaios there are also tiny wall surfaces as well as bushes decorated with flowers. Apart from this, in the sea above Gaios you can usually admire the neoclassical mansions which generally have not lost in any way , their particular inspiration.

Book a Weekly Sailing tour From Corfu to Gaios


In Gaios you can visit the museum related to Paxos. From antique tools and supplies to prehistoric issues and additionally Venetian pistols. The things that make this kind of art gallery much more unique is the fact that the items are gathered precisely from charitable contributions related to the locals of Paxos. You should also talk about a walk along the paths of our own forest that is carried right from Gaios to Ozias and then go to the oldest Christian cathedral associated with Agia Marina.

If you stay in Gaios then you cannot miss the amazing beaches. On the left side you can find Kloni Gouli and also Kaminia. Also near Gaios you will find Kaki Lagada with light pebbles. Travelling down to the right you will be stunned by the ocean waves hitting the rocks. Then you can still see magnificent beaches that have an outrageous attractiveness such as Plakes and Deuteri Spiatsu.


What to eat and drink at Gaios?

Then, finally, in Gaios you have many options to drink your personal coffee both on the coast and in the pedestrian streets. Also, you can try any nearby seafood-based restaurants. For dessert, don’t miss the opportunity to try the delicious ice cream or try the famous local dessert known as “Bolshevik”. Finally, in Gaios you can find many bars to have your drinks along with music that should suit your personal taste.

Main attractions at Gaios

  • The Church of the Holy Apostles (behind the bus stop)
  • The tanks of the Holy Apostles (near the church)
  • The St. Anargyrii Sterna (near the church)
  • The monastery of Panagia (on one of the two islands outside Gaios)
  • The castle of Agios Nikolaos (on the other island opposite Gaios)
  • The Folklore Museum of Paxos
  • The English Government House (old port)
  • The Sternes of Eleousa (Vlachopouladika)
  • The rocks of Mousmoulis (Tranakatika)
  • The mill of Lecianitis (Tranakatika)
  • The early Christian church (at the port of Ozias)
  • The statue of Anemogiannis
  • Ostries, a point with a view of the sunset and the beach Avlaki

Which sailing vessel should I hire for a weekly tour from Corfu to Gaios?

The fleet of Minas Yachting is based at Gouvia Marina in Kerkyra. The following yachts and catamarans are available for a weekly sailing tour from Corfu to Gaios:

Contact us at +30 2661044244, +30 2661035295 or via e-mail at info@minas-yachting.com and hire your sailing yacht or catamaran for a unique summer across the Ionian Islands!