Hire a Weekly Sailing Trip From Corfu to Lakka

Hire a Weekly Sailing Tour From Corfu to Lakka


Heavenly Lakka on the east coast of Paxos is quaint through and through. This charming seaside village has wonderful bars and restaurants lined up along the harbor walls, setting the scene for the blue, blue sea, the blue, blue sky and the endlessly bobbing boats. The village has a wonderful bakery and is just a short walk from the beautiful beaches of the area. Like all 3 villages on Paxos, it is very popular with sailors.

Lakka is one of the three main villages on the island of Paxos. It is located 7 km north of Gaios, the capital of the island. Lakka is situated between two beaches that form a natural round bay. The village is surrounded by green hills that form a picturesque and charming landscape. It is a safe harbour used by many boats for anchoring, especially during the summer months.

How can Ireach Lakka?

Lakka can be reached by many means of transport, by sea and land, and you can also take advantage of the regular bus routes that circumnavigate the island daily from Gaios and reach the village of Lakka.

Charter a Weekly Sailing tour From Corfu to Lakka

Where can I stay at Lakka?

As for accommodation, guests can choose between quiet rooms and villas scattered inside and outside the village. But lodging is something you shouldn’t worry about since Minas Yacthing’s sailing boats offer you unique accommodation wherever you may be in the Ionian islands.

Where to go and what to eat at Lakka?

The restaurants in this place are also very distinctive, as their cuisine mixes Greek tradition with Italian influence and the modern way of cooking. In addition, the area near the harbour naturally attracts large crowds of tourists in summer, but still offers a very peaceful landscape and impressive scenery.

Even if you don’t choose Lakka as your residence on the island, it is definitely worth a visit.

Here you can find a list of the main attractions of Lakka:

  • The lighthouse
  • The church of Ypapanti
  • The beach of Planos behind the lighthouse
  • The mill of Lakka
  • The St. Thomas ruins

What sailing vessel should I charter for a weekly tour from Corfu to Lakka?

Minas Yachting’s fleet is based in Gouvia Marina in Kerkyra. The yachts and catamarans listed below are available for a weekly sailing tour from Corfu to Lakka:

Contact us at +30 2661044244, +30 2661035295 or via e-mail at info@minas-yachting.com and hire your sailing yacht or catamaran for a unique summer across the Ionian Islands!